League of Women Voters Charlotte County Florida
League of Women Voters of Charlotte County Florida


Would you like to make a difference through increased voter engagement in our community?
The League of Women Voters is a national nonpartisan political
group encouraging informed, active participation in government and elections. We study and report on major public policy issues. Membership is open to men and women of all ages.
The Charlotte County (Florida) chapter is one of 800 affiliates of the national LWV.
At a typical League meeting, you'll hear lots of interesting news, cogent observations and reports on the vital work we're doing to help voters understand what's at stake in each upcoming election. We don't take positions on candidates, but you CAN help us decide on issues to advocate for or against.
And, your participation really makes a difference! In 2016, for instance, the LWV was one of the leaders in the fight to keep solar energy development affordable and accessible to Florida residents. Partnering with Florida's Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence is another example. There are dozens of important issues where the LWV has a real and lasting impact.
In addition to regular League meetings, we lead local activities that include speaker events, voter education and engagement strategies, tours of local institutions, lobbying activities, and social mixers to meet like-minded people who enjoy civic affairs.
SPECIAL OFFER! Are you a student? The League is now offering FREE memberships to all students who join through their local LWV chapters. We need your energy and fresh ideas - so please consider joining our cause!
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Start your 1-year membership at any time, with a new pro-rated dues schedule. Regular annual dues are $68 for individuals, and $88 for a 2-member household. Your membership dues help us do continuing education, both among ourselves and for the voters in Charlotte County. The major portion of your annual dues supports the state and national Leagues, who lobby for good government at the state and federal level, and provide us all with a direct voice to elected leadership.

Dates of Interest
Last Meeting Before the Primary
Our August 21 chapter meeting is the last before next week's primary election on August 28.  Last month we elected a new secretary (Marylou Proudfoot Kennedy) and decided to hold regular meetings at the Charlotte County Community Foundation, which is located at the NE corner of Route 41 South and ...
Primary Election Day
This is a closed primary; depending on your voter registration party preference, your ballot will be limited. We understand that in non-partisan battles, including the three-way school board race, to win outright, one person must get 50% plus 1 vote.  If that is not the result, then the top two ...
General Election Day
Today is the general election, when we will elect a governor, a U.S. Senator, other constitutional state officers, state representatives and state senators, and various local officers.  We will also decide ono 13 proposed state constitutional amendments and the Charlotte County school bond issue. Eat your wheaties if you are ...