League of Women Voters Charlotte County Florida
League of Women Voters of Charlotte County Florida
Check out this great voting tool
There is a great new tool for those still trying to figure out who to vote for in our August 30 Florida primary. It's an online voter guide for local races. Want a peek? Then check out getreadytovote.org.  For instance, if you are in new state Senate District 23, as many of us in Charlotte County are, you can check out candidates on the Sarasota County guide, even though you live in Charlotte County.
The only limitation is that not all candidates answered the questionnaires sent out by various chapters of the League of Women Voters, and not all chapters sent out questionnaires.  Check it out to get more information on all aspects of voting in Florida.

Time to join or renew your membership!

Jan. 1 is our official renewal date for League memberships, but you don't have to wait for the new year! Everyone who joins or renews our local League membership will receive a free League of Women Voters button. Your membership dues help us keep our website and Facebook pages current as well as help us advocate in the community for issues of importance to our local members. A portion of your dues also supports the state and national Leagues. Extra contributions, are of course, always welcome, as is your involvement with our group. We have officer positions open too! 

Pam Goodman's visit a big hit

An enthusiastic group of members, guests and potential new members joined us at Visani's for state president Pamela Goodman's visit on October 13, 2015. We ran out of brochures to hand out, which is always a good sign of increased interest in the work of the League.  Pam thanked us for the invitation and that we put the event together on short notice.  She kept us in rapt attention with her story of seven years fighting for fair districts, and where we stand now.  It was heartening to hear from her that the state Senate, anticipating their own humiliation in the courts unless they acquiesced, had signed a consent decree.  They are meeting in special session to redraw the state Senate districts as I write.  If you missed Pam's talk, we will be glad to fill you in at the November 18 meeting, and with new updates, we hope, on several fronts, including the solar choice initiative campaign and other prospects that need our attention.
Some of the attendees defied the rain to pose with Pam.  Picture above, from left, Jean Finks, Avice Sunter, LWV Florida president Pamela Goodman, Donna Whalen, Hugh Havlik and Martha Hoover.